Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Hamptons ~ A kitchen project

I love working on a beautiful project, what I love even more is working with great clients and respectful architectural and design companies.
This project came to my desk before the house was even built. The design criteria was clear, build a kitchen that could cater for 100 people but feel cosy for their family of 4 people.

After just a few design meetings I designed a perfect cooking triangle on one side of the island (shown below) and a whole array of industrial appliances on the opposing wall. 
This gave the family easy access to the refrigerator, range cooker, sink and dishwasher, and a plumbed in steamer on the island. And giving the caterers ownership of the other side of the island, with an industrial grade refrigerator, coffee machine, separate sink, double wall ovens and and appliance garage.
This part of the kitchen was hand painted, the bar was built in an American Walnut.

By looking at it, you would never guess that functions for over 100 people could be held with total ease!

A request I couldn't resist was for a bar, where the clients and their associates could catch a game of baseball or watch the news, during a breakfast meeting. 
The bar is raised on a mirror plinth making it 'float' and the countertop and backsplash are made out of a single glass sheet. It incorporated two SubZero wine refrigerators a 60" TV and a raised glass bar making sure that the family had ample space to socialize, and enjoy the views of the nearby beach. 


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