Monday, May 7, 2012

Design Dilemma Part 2

My final choice for your 'Design Dilemma's' was sent to me by Andrea! I couldn't resist her bright bedroom full of design opportunities!

"Hi there,
I saw your blog post about featuring our design dilemmas, and appreciate you taking a look at mine!

It's my master bedroom. The rest of the house has been very well attended to. But our bedroom? Not so spectacular. The furniture is dated, and the walls uninspired. Due to the doors and windows, we are pretty trapped in the furniture arrangement with the bed being where it is. We love modern linear design mixed with original pieces from our travels. The rest of the house follows that design point of view with high ceilings, concrete floors, and is very open and airy.

The bedroom has great bones with tons of light. Any suggestions for bringing this space into 2012? Oh, and by the way, we've just finished a major overhaul/remodel in another part of the house, so our budget is very limited at the moment."

Andrea has a fantastic home which has recently been redecorated in neutrals with gorgeous living space. They ran out of steam and her master bedroom was left behind, not unusual in this type of renovation.

The room itself has great bones, 3 french doors and a large feature window all to an outside space. The ceilings are decent and there is even a fireplace.

I am really feeling a neutral palette for this space, and having peeked into the living areas that have been redecorated, I know that this will work for Andrea and her husband.

Inspiration ~  Kelly Wearstler via Veranda

The downsides that I saw were few architectural finishes, base and ceiling mouldings need to be added and the doors could be upgraded with some architrave detailing.
The walls could be painted in a warm neutral, leaving the woodwork as is in white. You could even go so far as to wallpaper the wall behind the bed in something organic and textural.

Ralph Lauren Home
Or patterned in the very popular Imperial Trellis.

By Schumacher

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige

The floor is concrete, that although sounds contemporary and neat, is not feet friendly and leave me cold. Wood flooring could easily be installed on top of the existing floor and some rugs will bring in warmth. If this is beyond the intended budget a very large wool mix sisal rug could cover most of the floor space.

Although I absolutely adore all the light and windows, I don't think it makes for a good night sleep! The introduction of fabrics here would be great! Wall to wall drapes in a soft pattern will not only block the early morning light but will also introduce color and pattern which is seriously lacking in this bedroom.

Or patterned, this drapery is by Coco Cozy
Quatro Foil

The existing bed is okay, although not master bedroom material. I would envision a high comfy bed with an upholstered headboard and a dozen throw pillows, making you want to jump into bed and snuggle! Two odd bedside tables with large lamps will add layers.

West Elm
Pottery Barn

Geometric Design Throw pillows by Deborah Main Designs

Bedside Table

I would probably relocate the contemporary chair and ottoman to the living room and in place add an upholstered tufted chair and round ottoman, with a small side table with lamp for reading and enjoying the fireplace. Again, I would remove the armoire and instead add a low chest of drawers or writing desk with artwork above and accessorize with family photos and other decorative pieces.

Metal Drum side table~ Pottery Barn

With the budget in mind I would not do anything to the fireplace, filling it with different size candles would draw your eye to it and provide ambiance. I suggest adding some color to the accessories on the mantel.
A black mirror will provide contrast and interest, I would extend the use of black to the window treatments in the form of curtain rods.

I truly hope this has provided some tips and  inspiration to Andrea and to anyone trying to create a a relaxing atmosphere in their own bedroom. It needs to be a place where you leave all your day time activities behind and get some well deserved rest.



  1. This idea is excellent. I can start from here.

    1. Thank you! Neutrals are calming, remember to layer when using a mostly monochromatic scheme.


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