Friday, May 4, 2012

I have a huge crush on wallpaper!

I'm totally crushing on wallpaper, keep an open mind and please refrain from picturing your grandma's floral bedroom walls.  Come on! Let me wallpaper for you... just one teensy weensy wall?
                                                    HOT OFF THE PRESS!

I could paper your mudroom out in the country?

St Judes first ever wallpaper, designed by Mark Hearld ~Via House & garden UK

Or your formal dining room?

Designed by Melissa White ~ Zoffany's latest collection ~ Arden

Maybe re purpose an old cabinet to use in your kitchen ?

Via House & Garden UK
Or even your kids bedroom

'I see you' ~ From Cavern Home
I'm sure you'll be brave enough to let me paper your dressing room?

Indulgent Wall paper Collection from Clive Christian
Renting is not an excuse by the way...

Tempaper NY has a fantastic selection of temporary wallpaper's to choose from!
I could perhaps also paper your ceiling?

Here are some other ways to enjoy wallpaper.

Wallpaper really is one of the easiest ways to update and transform an area of your home. If you too are having a crush on wallpaper and need some help give me a call :)


I don't think I've done this before. I just had to come back to this post and add in this wallpaper. I couldn't contain myself... I'm a wallpaper loving freak!

The paper is from Philip Jeffries who explains "Voyage Travel is an eclectic series of twelve boldly scaled designs are printed by artisans on a selection of handcrafted Manila Hemp, Linen, Japanese Paper Weave and Jute wallcoverings for a unique and innovative play on pattern and texture."
You can find this and many other gorgeous and natural wall paper at

I also love this colorway~ 

There.... now I feel better ;)



  1. Great shots! Love the old kitchen cabinet! My mind is going wild with what I would put in it!

  2. Such easy ideas right! Like paint, wallpaper is a great way to cheer up a space or a re purposed piece of furniture!
    Thanks for reading Jo Anne!

  3. What an awesome post! I too love and always have loved wallpaper as a decor option. Today so many patterns, textures and materials, and even installation methods- there is something for every mood, and person..."It ain't your grandma's paper no more" lol

    I also appreciate your spotlighting the use of wallpaper as an element in furniture, bookshelf design, and installed in frames, or wainscoting- many clients never even think of these less committed ways to enjoy paper!!

    Great job!

    Patrick Landrum

    1. Hello Patrick,
      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time.
      I think some clients can be persuaded to accent with paper.
      Hope you will be back to read my posts :)


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