Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adieux chalk boards, say hello to IdeaPaint!

This is one of those times where I see a product and I shout out 'What took them so long!!

IdeaPaint have come up with an ingenious clear paint that transforms nearly any surface into a WHITE BOARD, isn't that just great?

I'm guessing its a clear lacquer of sorts.....lets investigate further~ According to IdeaPaint it's a clear top coat that can be applied to any dry paint surface or even wood, transforming any surface into a white board, or green board or an ORANGE wall if you fancy, or even your board room table!

Is it just me! Or do I hear the church bells ringing? My husband is giving me the "only you would get so excited about this" look... But I beg to differ, there are many did I say MILLIONS of design junkies out there who just like me will be placing an order for this revolutionary stuff.

For the hefty price of $225.00 which covers 50sq ft, it can be yours... here's the link

Send in your pics!


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