Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Clive Christian Furniture. It's personal!

Edwardian Kitchen in Ivory & Natural Oak
 (Photo images courtesy of Clive Christian Furniture)

Clive Christian Furniture is all it is cut out to be. I have just celebrated 15 years in the industry and believe it or not it all started out at Clive Christians in London in my early 20's.  I was lucky to have the opportunity to gain a wealth of experience under a great mentor, I learned the furniture trade from the best. 

Architectural Paneled Bar in Yew

Although I had walked in with experience of my own from the hospitality industry I was always very comfortable presenting large scale projects to board of directors etc... but nothing would have prepared me for the housewife, who are more clued in than any group of budget analyzing hotel directors!
Clive Christians clientele is a rightfully demanding group of individuals and their architects even more so, learning to design and deliver on these prestigious projects was a lesson I learned early on and have carried with me till today; regardless of the size or budget, each client gets my full undivided attention at all times.

The Dining Room in Yew

Working with Clive Christian  has given me the opportunity to work on many great projects including the Sheikh of Riad 's Kensington House and Enya's home in Ireland, Aisha Castle where I designed and installed a total of seven rooms. 

The allure of Clive Christians, is that the whole house comes together and each room leads seamlessly into the other.  Each piece of custom fitted furniture is designed to perfection, the fabulous separate peices of furniture, signature wallpaper, fabrics and chandeliers make for a fabulous integral design.

The Victorian Painted Kitchen

Now 15 years later I have been given the opportunity to work with Clive Christian once again and I am delighted to be the exclusive Agent for Philadelphia. Plans to open a showroom in Philadelphia are in the works, in the meantime I am lucky to have full access to the New York City Showroom in the prestigious A&D Building.
This showroom is the only one I know that makes me catch my breath every time I enter.

The Architectural Kitchen in Ivory

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