Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Color Trends 2012 {Neon Shmeon}

I am an 80's girl, leg warmers, leggings and headbands were staple pieces in my teen closet. You could say I gave Madonna a run for her money. But by 1986, I admit I was far from sad to see that color trend end, and looking back on photos of myself requires sun glasses and comes with a warning.

So you can imagine how I took to the news that NEON is back this Fall. Maybe I'll just skip it altogether, after all I heard that black, white and navy are still in. But before you all sigh a collective sigh of relief, give Pantone a chance to explain themselves, innocent until proven guilty no?
Pantone is quick to tweak neon, calling it Nouveau Neon (no doubt to avoid scaring away any designers born between 1960-1970)
But only as Pantone can do, they hit the nail on the head. Spot on. Each Nouveau Neon more pleasing than the next, Asian-inspired bamboo yellow-green meets Posicle Orange both vibrant and fresh and then brilliantly adding a soft butter rum tan to tame the firecrackers citrus and raspberry.

Lets wait and see how this plays out, I cant wait to use Camelia Rose or Citrus somewhere soon!

PANTONE Fall Color Trends 2012