Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dream Closets ~ Hello Blahnik, I promise to take care of your Manolo's

After my main love ~ kitchens ~ a dressing room comes in close second to a bathroom...Clive Christian's  Fitted Dressing Rooms are certainly dreamy!

The 'Harrods' Island with gold leaf & marquetry inlay is most certainly at the forefront in design and elegance.
I love this well lit design with open wardrobes and beveled glass-fronted drawers, which lets you choose your outfits with ease.
The fluted pilasters and acanthus frieze throw it slightly over the top, isn't that to be expected ;),  the Clive Christian chandelier adds sparkle. 

If you do not have space for a separate dressing room, or you have a small closet I would advise you to open up the space and use free standing wardrobes.
Clive Christian's Architectural master bedroom shows a great example of free standing wardrobes. In the image below you can see hand painted furniture in ivory and antique grey glaze, and a Mayfair four-poster bed in contrasting black walnut (which has a concealed remote controlled TV the foot panel). The contrast of dark and light tones creates a feeling of  luxury, and the wardrobe is large enough to accommodate a substantial amount of clothing.

I love designing dressing rooms, it is so personal! I have dealt with some fun requests in the past years including a refrigerated glass fronted closet for vintage mink coats.
My favorite project was on Central Park West, which turned out to be a dream retreat, a place where you kick off your Manolo's, sink your toes into the plush cream carpet and relax whilst choosing an outfit for your night out on the town. We had big dreams and a wish list as long as her Valentino evening gowns!
We used shining European oak wall paneling and custom designed all the furniture, including an island with a beautiful Onyx top and a bench seat. Felt lined drawers with different compartments to hold costume jewelry, belts and scarves.  I made space for a mountain of shoes including 20 pairs of Manolos stored in solid oak shoe trays and designed glass fronted drawers for her Janet Reger lingerie.

A list stars have many things I would love to have .... a David Beckham look-a-like driver in a Maserati would do! ;) Well, their closet would do...

What do you think of Mariah,s dressing room?

Or Eva's??

Or Elton Johns???
Via Architectural Digest

As I type, I am expecting some blue prints for a Clive Christian dressing room, I cannot wait to unleash my own dreams on the next unsuspecting client :)

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