For those who remember I offered to answer my readers Design Dilemma's, I received so many interesting questions, thank you! To answer more Q's I have decided to do a 2 part post.

In the first part of your Design Dilemmas Kirsten was totally stressed out by her bathroom remodels, she had narrowed down some of her options but could not make a decision! 

Kirstens's Questions
Q1.  Do you think it is okay to remove the tub from the hall bath and replace with a shower.  We have a soaker tub in our master bath.

Q2.  We are struggling with the granite in the master bath.  We are down to four selections and I have only a week to finalize.  I am desperate since we may have to cancel our vacation getaway.
The vanity is 69"x21" and we are installing a 66" soaker tub with 24" of granite at each end and 5" on the sides of the tub to make a surround.
Colonial Cream is a choice we really like.  The granite people tell us it is timeless and very classic.
We are concerned about the rust color spots in the granite.  We love the creams in the granite.
Just want a granite that doesn't lock us into one particular color for decorating.  We love reds, blues, greens, yellows. 
Giallo Ornamental is another choice:  Our concern is that it is too uniform.  It is a beautiful creamy brown.
Would it work in a bathroom?  Will it go with all colors.
Bordeaux Sienna:  We have been told that with this you can decorate with any color.  It has some gray and some yellow.  Muted tones of all colors.  There is some movement.  How do you feel about movement around a surround of the tub.
Pursa of Avorio: I have been told it is timeless.  It has more variation in the tans and grays.  Are you familiar with this stone?
Thanks for all your time to answer my questions.
{I needed some additional information to help me answer this complex question especially since I was not visiting the home.
 Q 1.

Who (Qty of people and ages) will be using the hall bath on a daily basis?

2 Adults age 60 and 61 empty nesters. Grandkids are here a great deal  ages 14 months and 3 I babysit them two days a week but they are also here often.

Do you intend to remain in this house  for 5 years plus? 

Yes, we plan to "Age in Place" :)  We live in a ranch style home with a finished lower level that has a bathroom, bedroom and huge entertaining area.
What floor is installed In the master bath?
We will get new tile
What wood is being used for vanities etc if any?
Ordering cherry (Darker tones)
Have you picked a wall color?
We will repaint to go with granite
Are the fittings chrome or brass?
Brushed nickel -We are ordering new faucets from Brizo}

Here is what I think.

With regards to installing a shower instead of bath in the hall bath, I do not find this to be a bad choice especially since you have a soaking tub in the Master Bath, and in the basement. 
On the contrary, walking into a shower will be easier than getting into a deep soaking tub in the future. 
I would highly recommend non slip floor tiles throughout the bathroom and inside the shower. Consider under floor heating for more comfort!
Have a wide shower door installed now for future use. I know you are still young, but taking into consideration your plan to age in place, access for a wheel chair or walker will be useful. Also ask the builders to install the shower floor at the same level as the bathroom floor, no step up or down.
The one and only concern is when you are looking after your young grand children; a soaking tub is deep and awkward to bath children... At least untill they are a little older, maybe they can take a shower or you can wash them in the basement bathroom.

Regarding the granite choices you presented me:

The Giallo Ornamental is as its name states, too yellow for me. 

The Bordeaux Sienna is too temperamental, online there were way too many variations for me to make a decision, this ultimately means that unless you reserve a slab in the granite yard by going there and choosing it you will never know exactly what u will get.

The Pursa of Avoria is a little cold for me. I do not think introducing gray into the color scheme is going to work in this case.

My choice is Colonial Cream, the rust color specs that you are concerned about will actually enhance the cherry wood that you are using for your vanity. Plus the cream background is very pleasing.  

Here is your schematic.

Cherry Cabinets

Colonial Cream Granite Counter Tops
Keeping you color preferences in mind, here are some wall paint options for you! 
Yellow Lotus Benjamin Moore

Dunmore Cream Benjamin Moore

Lime Granita from Sherwin-Williams

Cate Foster Ormond's question.

What are the pros & cons of a vessel sink versus a set-in sink in a second full bathroom? 
The bathroom would be used on a daily basis but not by children.

Hi Cate!

A vessel  sink would suit a more modern bathroom, so if this is your style it can be a great focal point.

The cabinet below the vessel sink needs to be lower than a regular vanity and the faucets need to be strategically placed to enable you to clean around them.

There are a great number of nice vessel sinks, in stone, glass, stainless steel, copper and marble, so as you can see the vessel sink with vanity  can be extraordinary!

Good luck and let me know which way you decide to go!


Look out for Part 2 in which I answer your Design Dilemma for a breakfast and family room!