Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Love You Infinity Times Infinity

My children are my everything: My morning, my afternoon and my evening...

My daughters unbridled happiness is contagious!

My kids are my reason to take care of our world today, to preserve our planet for the children of their grandchildren.

Recycled Handmade Paper Garland 

Source: via Fiona on Pinterest

They see the beauty in everything around them and  have huge imaginations just waiting to be nurtured.

And the Princess Castle is right here in her bedroom..

And pirates are defeated on a daily basis.

Its important that they know how we feel, each and every day, through our actions and our words....

Source: via tona on Pinterest

Make special memories with your children this Spring break.


  1. I love this post Dionne. And the photos are so cleverly added (and I want that pirate ship in my room).


    1. Hi Pru, thanks for reading:)
      Im glad I brought out your inner child, the Pirate Room is great!


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