Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 16th Century 'Summer Dining Room', Maltese Architecture & Design

On the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, Casa Rocca Piccola was built in the late 
16th Century for 
Don Pietro La Rocca, a Knight of Malta and an Admiral. On his death it was left to the Italian Langue of The Knights to house some of the more important Italian Knights of Malta. However for the last 200 years some of Malta's more famous and illustrious families have occupied Casa Rocca Piccola.

Apart from its illustrious past, its architectural beauty and historical importance, the elegant interiors are breathtaking, The following images courtesy of will guide you through the many stately rooms. Of which the above 'Summer Dining Room' is my favorite.

~ Images and some exerts via ~

I hope that you are inspired by these interiors, please visit the website to see more images and other intriguing rooms such as the Bomb Shelters and the Porphyry Room

If you ever get the chance to visit Malta, I recommend the Champagne Tour by the Marquis Depiro himself, owner of Casa Rocca Piccola.

74, Republic Street, Valletta VLT05, Malta

~ Enjoy, maybe I will see you there one day ~

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