Thursday, January 12, 2012

How you can get the look! PART 2 ~ART TAKING CENTER STAGE~

I really didn't mean to showcase three Master Painters in the last post, it just happened. Things seem to go that way with blogging, as the research gains momentum you never know where that snowball is going to land.
As soon as the works of Picasso, Moore and Monet 'made their way' into the post the rest faded away. I reacted pretty much in the same way I had reacted on seeing these artists work in person, speechless with mouth agape, somewhat unattractive, for me that's really saying something... the speechless part I mean ;) ... I digress.

So I decided that I am going to make it up to you!
In this post I want to show you ideas that don't need zillions of dollars to do and which can create a visual impression. Through a thoughtful combination of postioning, lighting, scale and composition, affordable artwork can take center stage.

Image via Apartment Therapy. Vintage chic  ~ Hung in a seemingly haphazard way, this art collection shows a mixture of framed and frame less art on a brilliant white painted wall.

This image via shows a series of pictures hung in well planned order, forming a clean rectangular shape. All the frames are white and the pictures themselves are mounted on white card. This creates a clean contemporary feel in an otherwise classic chic living room.

Image via Apartment Therapy. These series of brightly colored circles are mounted on a no frills white background and are framed in a light colored wood. This gives a fresh and modern almost Scandinavian look to this children's room.

Image via Apartment Therapy. The red painted accent wall sets off  the white grid map which takes center stage in this living room.

I love this crafty picture, it is a series of pinned tickets, it not only gives a great color sense but is also tactile, and is a great way to showcase a collection.

Jan Eleni

Jan Eleni

MY FAVORITE! Collage work by Jan Eleni, introduced to me by Robert Novogratz of

The two images above are a series of photographs of your child's artwork, miniaturized and made into this amazing art work! Again the white on white leaves nowhere for the eye to wander and keeps you focused on the paintings created by your little ones and preserved in such a fantastic and artistic manner by Jan Eleni.

Till next time.


  1. Hey Dionne
    Fantastic post. I have to say, that displaying art, found objects, and framed pics in a collection ( like the picture in the haphazard way) is something that I do ALL THE TIME in my design work. I just adore it. I am so glad you shared it, as so many people can do this,and it looks fab. Thanks for sharing the idea!
    Lynne xx

  2. Thanks Lynne, I agree! So simple and yet so effective!
    Thanks for leaving a comment!


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