Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Impressions Count

Your home is a direct impression of you. 

Sometimes you cannot control the exterior of your home, if for example you live in a condo or apartment or in a rental. You can however control your guests first impression of you upon entry.
Size is irrelevant and you don't need to break the bank.
A clean, decluttered, well lit entryway, teamed with a focal point, clever use of space and a touch of your personal style, can speak volumes.
Re using elements from around the home may mean that you need not purchase much, as was done in this rental, a mere 5ft x 5ft  entrance foyer.

Seasonal decorations brighten up and add color, the lamp ($29.99 from Home Goods) provides a softer light which distracts from the imperfections of this rental.

(Furniture arrangement & photos by me)

The bench is an old purchase from an antique market. It is tucked beneath the console and is perfect for kids to sit and tie their shoes, the closet is discreetly positioned  to the left side of the entrance. The two drawers in the console table are perfect for mail, keys & sunglasses. The mirror, a Laura Ashley purchased from the UK allows for a quick lipstick check before leaving the house.

All these items except for the lamp were found in the apartment and re positioned to change what was an uninviting blank wall into a useful entryway and a good looking vignette.

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