Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From London to Brooklyn ~ Fabulous Wall Coverings

Interior Design Magazine showcased the 10 top products of  Maison et Objets 2012 this week, and whilst there were some fantastic products, my mind kept going back to Tracy Kendall, a fellow Brit from London who's vision and textural approach to wall coverings is genius.

For the 2012 Maison et Objets home show Tracy launched a new paper 'Drapes' and also injected color into her already fabulous Sequence Collection with the color line 'Tutti Frutti'.

    Tutti Frutti


Intrigued, I ventured onto her website and discovered many delights of which some I had not seen.
I feel in love with Pink Sequence and can imagine it in a lounge, ladies dressing room or bedroom. It would also be fabulous in a nursery, maybe a little extravagant, but nothing wrong with that ;)

I also loved the romanticism of her Text Collection, 'Midsummer's Night Dream' and 'From the Heart' are heartwarming.
To view to full collection got to

Another company that has me returning to its website again and again is Flavor Paper, a company originally founded in Oregon is based in Brooklyn, NYC. Their approach to wall coverings i  hand screening and digital.
Their 'Flavor Lair' in Brooklyn won The Best Showroom of the Year 2010 by Interior Magazine.

Cry Wolf ~ 40' Digital mural designed by Heather Ujiie.

Flower of Love ~ Hand Screened

Bananas~ Designed by Michael Angelo is for kids or for fun

visit for tons more fun and original wall coverings.

Hope you enjoyed this midweek inspiration!

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  1. Glad you reminded me of Flavor Paper - now they would make a nice stop off for BlogTour NYC :)

    1. Hi V! Yes, I heard their showroom is fantastic and they show guests around the facility as the papers are being hand screened etc.. it should be an interesting visit!

  2. Wow! Those are some crazy designs! the bananas... lol. I don't think I could go with that one (even in the kitchen) I think it would take a certain type of person... I think I'm too normal and boring for that ;)


    p.s. I like your uptweet button at the top right of your page :)

    1. Hi Lisha! Thanks for stopping by! Yes I agree it's crazy paper! I like to make an impact :)


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