Thursday, January 5, 2012

Empowering People Through Design ~ WFTO

You may have noticed that there are a ton of  products out there to buy for the home. With stores such as Home Goods, instant gratification is on the rise, just pick, pay and leave. What if you put a little consideration into the items that you are buying? What if you curbed your impulsive urge and really thought about helping someone through your next purchase?
How many times do you turn an object upside down and see how & where it was manufactured?

The World fair Trade Organization 
work together with companies such as AM.WA to make beautiful handmade accessories "With love and respect"  so that through design their people are EMPOWERED.

Here are some picks from various countries that would embellish any home whist helping people in great need.


Nguni Ottoman &
Ovoids cushion covers

                 Small Driftwood Candelabra  
&    Driftwood Lamp Base    
 Available from

The Choi-Choi Foundation is focused on a business partnership with 150 rural women from the Araucania region in Chile to provide them direct access to the markets through Fair Trade
The Textiles Mapuche tradition is rich in culture and handed down from mother to daughter, the weavers prepare the wool, including washing, spinning, dying & weaving in their homes.The colors are obtained  through natural vegetation.

Blankets & decorative throws

I absolutely adore the eclectic work of Gone Rural Swaziland

The gorgeous products shown above are made by Lutindzi grass harvested by the women and children of Swaziland each year, and turned into table mats and other eclectic house wares. They also work with sisal fiber, copper, glass, clay and ceramics.

The Association for Craft Producers ACP is a local, not for profit, fair trade organization providing design, marketing, management, and technical services to low-income Nepalese craft producers.

These ceramics are worthy of any occasion, I love the two tone dishes and bowls and the organic feel of the vases.

Last but not least are the cutest children's bed linens ever! Think of furnishing your child's bedroom with these fabulous cushions and pillows whilst at the same time putting food in the mouth of these artisans children! Wouldn't that be great?

Images and some content courtesy of WFTO, Choi-Choi Foundation, Gone Rural Swaziland & ACP.

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