Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maltese Architecture ~ Details

Mix and Match of old doors, windows and balconies

Typical Street View ~ Valletta
Limestone House with double balcony and single windows with shutters in bright blue

Corner enclosed balcony on a Palazzo in Valletta, with ornate limestone corbels.

Triple balcony with columns, carved Maltese Cross details on the lower panels. Internal hessian blinds a typical window treatment.

The main door is usually left open and the glass 'anti-porta' is left unlocked, as you opened the glass door, a bell would chime to alert homeowners that a visitor had arrived. A lace curtain is common to keep out flies and let in the breeze. My childhood home had a similar arrangement.

Overly ornate hand carved limestone. Detailing armor wear from the Knights, a central urn and fruit. The marble steps make for a very formal entryway.
Maltese limestone facade with high contrast red painted windows and a row of 'pregnant' wrought iron windows.
Waterfront development project; restored facade of an entire street of old buildings. This is where the cruise liners dock for the day.
This very old entryway in Mdina has intricate wrought iron work. It is painted a crisp white which provides great contrast to the Mediterranean Blue paint chosen for the door. I love the bright brass fish knockers, hardware and letterbox.
Century old red door opening onto a courtyard. Maltese Cross on lower panels, black wrought iron work above, and even more detailed iron work on the arch above.

Regal entry to a Palazzo in the Old City of Mdina, flanked by over sized limestone columns. (All limestone is quarried on the Island) Glazed arch above provide natural light into the foyer. Brass knockers are hand forged and have acquired a great patina.
Old farmhouse door.

House front in Mdina, bouganvilla creeps over a new door, made in keeping with the age of the building probably over a 100 years old. The limestone facade has been cleaned up.

This is a small insight into my heritage, with her brave history, welcoming and smart people and rich architecture Malta should be on everyone's destination wish list!

Here is another post on a historical building Casa Rocca Piccola which is full of gorgeous interiors and architecture.

Bringing you all some mid week inspiration!


  1. Lovely post! Such colorful buildings. Are you originally from Malta, Dionne?

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Yes although I was born in London I spent my school years in Malta, my father is Maltese. In fact all my family lives there and I love it!

  2. i love Malta & wish I could go there one day... please write more when you've the time :)


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