Friday, February 3, 2012

There's been a lot of talk about ~MUD ROOMS

On yesterdays #DesignTV chat there was a lot of MudRoom talk, it transpired when we were 'chatting' about how to create chic interiors whilst keeping kids and pets in mind ~ DesignTV is a Twitter Chat hosted by the lovely Amy of ABCD Designs.

In my many years as a kitchen designer I have designed a number of mudrooms, my favorite project had everything and I mean everything one could wish for including an outfitted sports cabinet and full size wine refrigerator, then again, I was lucky to have a kitchen sized room to play with. You can see this mudroom as featured in House Beautiful HERE!
Lets talk about the concept of a mud room: Originally found in country houses, a mud room was just that.. a room where the family would remove their muddy boots and wet raincoats and change into house shoes before entering the kitchen. This  room would usually comprise of  flag stone floors, a bench, a couple of hooks and an umbrella stand.

potting sink
Nowadays a mudroom is integral to the rest of the home, and on many peoples wish list! It is a great room for storing seasonal outer wear, sports equipment, and items for your pets :)  Some mudrooms include extra pantry storage, refrigeration and for the very lucky a potting sink! You can use over sized, extra deep and hard wearing sink to re pot plants, cut and arrange your flower arrangements, wash muddy boots and paws or clean your gardening tools.


Potting Room ~ Image via Country Living

It is a great place to inject your personality, let it set the tone for your home's style!

benches & baskets
For us who have smaller homes or city apartments, have pets or kids and need somewhere to store boots and coats here are a few ideas to get you started.
Use a stainless steel tray from your garden center and place wet boots in the tray by the door, place a small bench with baskets below for outer wear. Add some hooks to the wall above for coats and back packs, and a shelve above for additional baskets. All this will help keep the entryway clear, everything at arms reach and will ensure a quick exit in the mornings!

Simple free standing solution, image via

built ins
For the lucky ones who have a service door or back door with some additional space a built in cabinet including bench, cubbies and hooks looks stylish and gives the opportunity to introduce some color. Possibly painting the cabinetry or maybe some patterned wallpaper inside the cabinet. You could also choose to use some pretty fabric for a bench cushion.

Built-in  storage, image via Better Homes & Gardens
What's on your mud room wish list?

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