Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creating a Focal Point

A focal point in any room is where the eye rests as it explores the space, sometimes an architectural feature is the natural focal point, a fireplace or a great window and view. Sometimes there is no focal point and that is where we need to create one, this can be challenging.

The first choice for focal point in a living room would be a wood burning fireplace, the thought of  relaxing on snowy evenings sitting on a stylish but comfy high backed wing chair with a glass of wine would be anyone's first choice!

Designer Mimi Maddock McMakin adds a touch of magic and lots of comfort to her home in the Adirondacks. Caption & Photo courtesy of House Beautiful Magazine

This dining room fireplace is by Clive Christian Furniture
Photo courtesy of

This limestone fireplace and ornate mirror are set off by the lovely blue walls and crisp white woodwork, the touch of fuscia in the flowers on the mantle and throw on the neutral chair is whimsical. 
Image courtesy of House Beautiful, photo credit: Francesco Lagneseth. 

Not everyone has a fireplace, but there are many other ways to create a focal point (and I'm not talking about the TV!) The room below shows a collection of art work above a sofa in a symetrical arrangement which creates a focal point.

Designer Daniel Sachs used antiques and a mix of ikat, floral, and striped patterns in this high-bohemian living room. The owner's collection of contemporary art is integral to the overall style, including this series of drawings by Andrew Lord above the sofa.
Caption & Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

        Designed by Gary McBournie. 
The focal point in this Dining Room is the sideboard and vintage Chinese Chippendale chairs, 
The framed recess looks like a  picture frame and the vignette inside its composition.    
Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

Courtesy of

This is a great focal point, the console is narrow and can transform any 
wall in the house, from a foyer to a hallway. The collection of artwork and fab lampshades on a simple white console work really well together. This monochromatic scheme is a win-win all round.

Another similar arrangement but still a great focal point  by Charles Faudree.

If you are a collector, your items may be arranged and displayed as the focal point of a room.
Photo co
urtesy of

The vase of fresh flowers create a focal point on this foyer, the roses are a simple idea which can be changed according to the season or occasion. 


I love this, otherwise gone unnoticed, these stairs are now a focal point, another version which is quirky and fun is using numerals on each step going upwards, 1,2,3,etc..

I hope that I have inspired you to take on that blank wall that you pass by everyday and pretend doesn't exist. 

 Go on.... be creative! 


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