Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pulling The Plug {Post Hurricane Sandy}

"Pulling the plug: a sustainably built, off-grid farmhouse

A carefully planned 17th-century conversion is not only sustainably built, but off-grid, too." The Telegraph 

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, I cant help to think about our complete and utter dependence on electricity. 

Fishing around for the answer I came across this amazing Farmhouse set in the remote countryside in the UK. 
This ingenious owner rebuilt this old derelict farmhouse into a self sustainable home, the only bill they pay is to the local council (property tax). 

No heating, no electrical and no water bills...

They used a wood burning Rayburn Stove for cooking and heating water, a well with an automatic pump and a product called 'Waterpebble' that warns you when water levels are low and more...

Take a look at the link below for the full article and images taken from The Telegraph UK.

Image Via The Telegraph

Pulling the plug~ A Sustainably built off grid Farmhouse


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