Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Flowing Form ~ EGO Paris

I like smart, I like functional and I certainly like SEXY!
All this PLUS fun colors and pretty can't possibly beat that!

Ego Paris is just Fabulous! I heard of them through one of my favorite online mags the New England Home Magazine.
Just take a look at these, I mean seriously! Free flowing form sunshades reminiscence of seagulls in flight. Design forms that blend in with the waves, this chaise is not called 'Fish" for nothing.

Fish Chaise Longue

Are you sitting down? I would recommend you do it NOW.
I don't mean to be mean and I know its Monday and that there is a WHOLE week left of school before anyone can even dream of flying away on vacation, but I cant keep it secret any longer.
Its my duty ahem as a designer to part with glorious products to my readers :)

Take a look at this and come kick me if you don't like it...(Not too hard please, my knee is playing up)
Give me my latest issue of AD a Margarita and come get me September 1.

Eden Nest

Backrests and tables included
True to my love of function and form, KAMA Quattro Modular Collection has a smart and versatile collection, the table is my favorite piece.

Video for KAMA

Video for KUBE

Find the complete collection at


{PS I only write about products I love, I am not sponsored & if I am I will let you know!)


  1. Merci from EGO Paris team !!! We are all very proud of this tremendous communication !!

    1. Thank you Nathalie,so happy you like it, I'm totally loving ALL your products! :)


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